About Tech Tips Site

About Tech Tips Site, Our Vision and Mission

About Tech Tips Site: Learn and explore Technology Beyond Limitations. It is a technology-based NEWS educational blog website. We were originally maintained and developed by Zylon Labs. If you are a person that loves to talk and experience technology, here is the place for you. We talk about various updated and also upcoming tech things. Such as topics related to innovations, research, trending tech topics, tech ideas, and more. There are many tech-based blogs and websites out there. But at Tech Tips Site, we focus on content that contains valuable information for our readers.

Knowledge should be free for everyone, and Our main goal is to build a place where everyone can find their knowledge without costing any cent. We all know there is a huge difficulty when someone begins to learn themselves from the world wide web, finding exact information related to their finds. We are here to fix that issue which is our goal and the reason to maintain this blog. This Idea came in late 2020 and started with Think & Free, our first website. It is an educational blog/website established in 2020. Tech Tips Site is a part of that Zylon Labs’s free-edu-aid program. To learn more about the free-edu-aid program, visit here.

A vision of the Tech Tips Site

Clearly, our vision is to engage with everyone interested in technology, tips and tricks, new innovations, research, and new technology trends and provide the best knowledge for them (readers). We are working to build a valuable website with valuable content to succeed in this vision.

Our mission

Our mission is to archive step-by-step our goal, which is to build a valuable website. Tech Tips Site is a website that full of fill with information that someone really needs.

Our Team

University undergraduates, Researchers, Students, and more Volunteers are with our team. As we mentioned, we always try to provide our readers with the most valuable and exact information they want from our website. If you are a person who is looking to join us as a valuable writer, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our email is hello@techtips.site

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